adaline's story


adaline® is a small boutique brand that was founded in early 2018 after simply being tired of seeing the same basic design on practically every swaddle we bought

So myself, my 2 sisters and 2 nieces set out to bring some life to the market & one of our goals was to get our swaddles into the hands of 10,000 mama’s. We did that in our first year, organically, and think a big reason for it is because our prints catch your eye with vibrant colors and modern/trendy designs ❤️

*** All adaline® products are made ethically & eco-friendly ***

We needed that fluffy, silky soft texture we've all grown to love to wrap our littles in - while still keeping great prices. This was challenging but thankfully, with the right team, we're able to get our hands on the softest material on the market without having to overprice anyone


we focus on beauty in simplicity ®